The finished music video

Our first attempt at filming didn’t go down very well as we were not prepared for filming in the theatre at, there was a production underway at the time which meant the seats in the theatre were covered in costumes and props which we werent allowed to move meaning we couldn’t do as many long shots as we had planned. We had a problem with lighting in the theatre as the lights were directed towards the stage and we were hoping to use the chairs so our idea couldn’t really come to life which was annoying, however we did find a spot on the stage that had brilliant lighting, we used a chain from the prop box at the theatre for Jess to use whilst singing. We did try to do some filming outside but it didn’t work our too well due to poor weather conditions and a lack of quality lighting, our lack of planning and organisation had made our filming a bit dissapointing.

We then had a rethink of what we would need to make filming more sucessful and had a ring around to find a suitable location. We had got some usable footage from the theatre so we had a start. We found the Community Centre would be a good place for us as it had the space and look we wanted however it was quite costly to rent out so it was paramount that we used our time wisely and got on sticking to our story board and shot list. We had also got more equipment this time and I borrowed a good industrial standing light from my Dad’s workshop. We also used a dolly to get a smoother shot. The lighting and effort we put into mise en scene meant that this filming went a lot better and we were sure the footage would be good enough for our music video. We did try to stick to our shot list however as many people do we thought of new different ideas when we saw it all in front of us.

 However I feel that we still could have gone that one step futher with the amount of effort we put into filming I think we could have been a lot more creative with our camera angles and shot lengths as well as how many shots we did, we tended to stick to one distance and wasn’t very imaginative with our cinematogrpahy, for example a worms eye/birds eye view or crane shot may have provided the diversification required to achieve the higher marks.



Here is our finished music video, after many hours of editing using Final Cut.