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ACTRESS: Jessica Littleworth (Drama Student, 18 years old, dark hair, dark eyes, pale skin, feminine features, dancer). The reason we believe that Jess suits the part of our female performer is that she is very confident so will not shy away from the camera but will put a lot of effort into over reacting the miming of the song and will be fine with becoming this sensual powerful character we think our video needs. She has very dark hair with extremely pale skin, this will also link to the vampiric side to our character as this shows her dangerous side. Jess is also an experienced dancer so will look professional when perfoming the movements we ask of her.

PERFORMANCE ELEMENT: We have made this quite hard for oursleves as obviously we can not get Space to perform the song for us and the contacts we have in terms of bands do not play this 1990’s type of music. I think it would look quite professional is we did have a band performing the song however the organisational side of this would be difficult.

LOCATIONS: We think that we need to have several different types of locations from big open spaces to cramped areas with lots to look at, we would then dress Jess according to her surroundings. We want to use an old cobbled street in Horncastle with St Marys Church in the background as the opening to our music video and then switch between Great Expectations junk/antique shop and Old Bollingbroke castle. Despite this being quite an adventourous location plan we think that as the video will be mainly based on movements inspired by Jessie J and O Lande videos, then we need to have interesting locations to keep as audiences attention. Some music video create a location in post production, using a green screen and special effects, this creates a modern vibe and is often colourful such as this video for Rude Boy by Rhianna.

However obviosly we don’t have the technology to take this path for our music video so we need to try hard to get a location that is interesting and flexible to film in. We will be filming our music video in the following locations:

– Red Lion theatre Horncastle, this theatre is a very old traditional theatre will red velvet seats and it also has a bit of an eerie spooky feel that along with lighting will make for the perfect setting for our video with the red curtains acting as a glamorous back drop.
-Horncastle Community Centre, this is a very large open space that we will be able to use to get the long shots and will enable Jess to move about and dance. The floors and decor are very dated which will suit the era of the song.
-Surroundings of St Marys Church, there is an old cobbled street that leads up to the church in horncastle and this would be inkeeping with the traditional vampiric theme however that location is very dependant on the weather conditions as we are filming during winter and only have time to film after school when the sun has set, it may prove too difficult to get a good quality shot so we might have to stick to the inside loactions.

COSTUMES: is is very important that we out a lot of effort into the costumes we use in the music video as we are not planning on having a strong stroyline to our video, obviously we do not have the recources that the professionals have and the extensive wardrobes and professional make up artists however I have got many dancing comstumes and props that we have accumilted over the years that will be useful for our video.

RED LEATHER JACKET: we will use Lucy’s red leather jacket to give that biker look however there is also an association with leather and bondage, obviously we don’t want it too be quite that wierd and sexual however this slight suggestion adds to the dangerously sexual vibe, despite my views on this association many pop stars are seen in videos wearing lots of leather cat suits, Britney is often seen in this attire.

MANS SUIT, TROUSERS, JACKET, WHITE SHIRT: this will be used to give the ambiguous and opposite gender look that we want to achieve that is seen used by Calvin Klein and in Lady GaGas music video as her alter ego. This suit will be over sized for Jess however this will make her seen slightly innocent, If we team the mans trousers with high heels this can also look glamourous and is often the look celebrities go for such and Kelly Rowland.

RED LEOTARD WITH FEATHER SKIRT AND FISHNET TIGHTS: this costume will bring the element of glamour to the video, and the quirky feather tail exentuates the female body and creates an interesting shot with the twinkle of the sequins and the fish nets as sensualtiy.

RED PROM DRESS: This dress is floor length and is extremely femenine with glamourous jewels and embeleshing, if we get the lighting right we will hopefully make them catch the light similar to the way light hit the jeweles in Florence and the Machines video. Movements will need to by slow and sensual in this dress.

BLACK LACE DRESS: this dress is more modern gothic and leans more towards the sexy vampire look as seen in TV series such as True Blood, movements in this outfit would be more stern and strong, invading the camera.

ORIENTAL SILKY DRESSING GOWN: this teaming with heavy eye make up and sparkly gems on Jess’s lips with look interesting and intriguing for both the female and male viewers, the silk also is very sensual, the way it feels and the way it flows is very feminine and the red and gold together looks royal and bold.

PROPS: we will use props to show Jess’s strength and power over the male with chains and to show her mystery a black mask over her eyes, we got the idea of this from the florence and the machine video. We will incorporate our studies of semiotics into the music video with lots of reds in the video such as a single red rose which is associated with lust and love. We will use for the male Jess a walking stick and bowler hat to show the male is weak and hiding.