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Fame Monster: The Lady Gaga Story to be screened on Lifetime

Lady Gaga’s crazy life is to be turned into a film called Fame Monster: The Lady Gaga Story on US TV channel Lifetime

The film won’t actually star Lady Gaga, the casting description reads: ‘[Lady Gaga] is a bright rebellious Catholic school girl who dreams of fame.’ However Lady Gaga does want to make it onto the big screen and this film may get her started. So Lady Gaga is now using the film industry to build her career. Many of her music videos include short films maybe inspired by the short films opening many other famous songs such as Thriller, Michael Jackson. So we can already see she has a flair for film.


Lady Gaga’s Official Monster in You app empowers her fans to share with the world The Monster in them. Take a photo of yourself or upload a photo from your gallery and the app outputs a Little Monster version of your photo.

Here Lady Gaga connects to her fans using the latest in media technology- iphone apps. Her fans can become Little Monters in a photo and their photo will then be shown on Lady Gaga’s officail site. Her fans then feel a connetion that she has thought about them in terms of creating an app for them and showing them on her website.Wether she had any input into the decisions made about the app is another question.


Lady Gaga’s website includes features such as INFO, EVENTS, SHOP, LYRICS, CHAT, NEWS, BIO, MUSIC, VIDEO, GAGAVISION, PHOTOS so many things where fans can become at one with the lady herself.

There is a shopping site on the internet where fans can buy tops with her face on and an events tab so fans can follow her where ever she goes. Many celebrities and pop stars tend not to want their fans knowing their every move and encouraging fans to follow them however Lady Gaga’s seems like she is comforted in knowing that she has fans that are always there follwing her, in real life or on websites such as Twitter. Here are some comments off her official website that her fans have left on her videos:

Attention GaGa !! I’m a big fan of mother monster From tunisia and i just want to tell you that Justin Biber is trying To make more views for his StupidMusi video Baby and he is getting more view then you i call all the monsters to watch bad romance on youtube but there is a good news bad romance is the most viewed on earth !! but let’s make most viewed on youtube too not the Kid Justin Biber i hate him if u do aNd you Lov Mother monster Watch Bad romance alot of times and thnx I LoVe YOU Mother MONSTER !!”

These next comments are from the same person and truely shows how she has connected to many people and how close they feel to her. However in this case it has maybe gone slightly too far…much too far….freakily too far.

“I love you Lady Gaga I wil wait you till I die.”
“Lady Gaga love me again search me again”

“I enjoy to lie in internet this is true but you are perfect woman.”

“I want you to go your concerts but you are in America.I am in turkey.But I am glad you.I am glad I can see you in internet.However the internet is too dangerous I dare to send you massages.I am happy lady gaga.I am happy I send you massaegs.I am happy I love you.”

“I think sometimes you and I in America.İt is funny and sweet.But you are more important from my bad dreams.Bad dreams out lady gaga in.I love you lady gaga.”

“Lady gaga I hate smoking.I enjoy making body buıldıng sport and I want you to love me.But this is impossible.”

Lady Gaga has nearly 15 million followers on twitter and is following 141,000. She tweets things such as:

DRINKS UP FOR MONSTERS. Just woke up with the hangover of the decade so a bloody mary should do. You always make me :). Tour meeting today!
By tweetingt things such as this a fan may then think, ahh yes Mother Monster i do too awhh we are so alike! She isn’t hiding things from her fans and lets them know everything to make them think she is enjoying talking directly to them.


Lady Gaga’s Born This Way made its way to 1,000,000 fans in just 5 days!

She has broke multiple records through her origional style and catchy songs, other artists have tried to mimic Gaga’s surreal videos and out there costumes but have indeed failed as everyone knows who does it best.

As a class we were given the mammoth task of making a music video to Born This Way. We have only ever made shot films or film opening so we were used to dialogue, longer shots and a plot so we had to adapt our style to suit a music video, which to a song such as this need really quick cuts, fast editing and we needed to remember the beat all the way through as movements on screen need to go with the beat as does the editing.

We began by coming together as a class as coming up with an idea for the first two verses of the song. It was had to think of things that would look professional however was in our capability as thinking of filming someone flying through the Grand Canyon is all well and good but we had just three weeks to make our video. My thoughts were SIMPLE YET EFFECTIVE.

Because of the theme of the song being birth and the fact that everyone is born that way and are all beautiful we thought clinical shots mixed with different types of people, genders, ethnicity, sexuality. Lady Gaga is all about sticking up for anyone different. She is the newest gay icon and very proud about it beating the likes of Britney and Beyonce.

We then went into groups and was assigned our own piece of the song to make a music video to. From watching some other popular music videos I got some good ideas in my brain, a recurring theme was tiling of the same shot so I decided to go with this. I filmed my hand just moving in different motions opening and closing like a flower.


“It’s the taking part that counts” is a phrase that rarely crosses my mind. When some one asks “how did you do in that high jump competition last Saturday”, they are obviously aware of the fact that i took part, so that doesn’t count at all. They would like to know if i won!

When in competition it can drive you to things you would never of thought of before, for example you may be battleing it out for a promotion with a colluege and you do something totally unlike yourself all in the name of competition.

Silly, silly Rachael. See thats the terrible side of competition.

You don't have to be competing with anyone else to be competitive, for example, at home when so bored and on the verge of depression I tend too say see how many stairs i can cover in one stride, me on a Thursday may cover 4 however me on a Friday may cover 5, this in itself is a sort on competition, I'm sure we all do this kind of me then......bit embarrasing....moving swiftly on.

Competetitve people tend to show their competitiveness through every aspect of life, if you are hungry, they wil be more hungry, if your laptop cost £500 theirs cost £800, if you broke your collar bone when you were 7 they broke their whole leg, like all the way off and the doctors had to sew it back on. Oh go on then You Win, your hungry, poor and had to have your leg sewn back on. Congrats.

What Sir Ken Robinson says about creatitvity diminishing as people become more scared of being wrong very much relates to competition:  competitiveness fades as people becmore more scared of losing. 

Creativity: Having the ability or power to create; “a creative imagination”. I think creativity is being able to make something fun or exciting despite there being a way of doing it that may be duller but easier. Being creative means thinking- I’m going to do soemthing this way- and “this way” may be different to how anyone else does it. Being creative may mean trying something new or presenting or undertaking something in a way no one has tried before. Having the ability or power to create makes God a very creative man.

My creative skills in terms of sculpture making from few materials is shown below: