3 x shot of cobbles- l0w angle

– 3 x shot of cobbles – heels walking through

– 3 x shot women walking away, stops, crouches down

– 3 x close up women’s face

– 3 x shot woman walking off (jump cuts)

– 3 x shot silhouette hands

– 3 x close up cat’s eye

– 3 x close up mannequin face

-3 x close up candle

– 3 x close up cross

– 3 x silhouette dancing

– 3 x close up hands – different angles

– 3 x close up man’s face – eyes open

– 3 x mid shot – man through window washing up

– 3 x mid shot – camera pans through door

– 3 x mid shot woman sat in throne

– 3 x mid shot woman with snake

– 3 x shot woman ‘shock’ tilt head

– 3 x close up blood down face

– 3 x mid shot man singing

– 3 x close up faces coming towards camera

– 3 x close up mans face

– 3 x close up hands in face

– 3 x shot man in old bolingbroke – high angle

– 3 x mid shot silhouette dancing

– 3 x different angles in junk shop

– 3 x close up woman laughing

– 3 x close up vase smashing






There had to be some changes made to this inital plan as the locations that we were hoping to film at were not avaliable. The weather was not in our favour for a long duration of time time so we werent able to do any type of filming out side, meaning our planned opening wasn’t going to be able to happen as well as the filming at Bolingbroke Castle. It was also very hard to find a suitable male to play the role as no one we could get into contact with fitted the bill as it would have been too confusing to have an older man however we knew no boys that had the time to be in our video. This is when we had the idea of Jess in fact playing the male role which could work very well if we reearch other artists who have taken this route. We were also not able to use Great Expectations junk shop as we were not allowed to film in there becasue of other people who have done before and things have gone missing. After finding a new location at the local community centre we needed to come up with a new plan.

So we had a rethink of our shotlist and this is what we came up with:



















ACTRESS: Jessica Littleworth (Drama Student, 18 years old, dark hair, dark eyes, pale skin, feminine features, dancer). The reason we believe that Jess suits the part of our female performer is that she is very confident so will not shy away from the camera but will put a lot of effort into over reacting the miming of the song and will be fine with becoming this sensual powerful character we think our video needs. She has very dark hair with extremely pale skin, this will also link to the vampiric side to our character as this shows her dangerous side. Jess is also an experienced dancer so will look professional when perfoming the movements we ask of her.

PERFORMANCE ELEMENT: We have made this quite hard for oursleves as obviously we can not get Space to perform the song for us and the contacts we have in terms of bands do not play this 1990’s type of music. I think it would look quite professional is we did have a band performing the song however the organisational side of this would be difficult.

LOCATIONS: We think that we need to have several different types of locations from big open spaces to cramped areas with lots to look at, we would then dress Jess according to her surroundings. We want to use an old cobbled street in Horncastle with St Marys Church in the background as the opening to our music video and then switch between Great Expectations junk/antique shop and Old Bollingbroke castle. Despite this being quite an adventourous location plan we think that as the video will be mainly based on movements inspired by Jessie J and O Lande videos, then we need to have interesting locations to keep as audiences attention. Some music video create a location in post production, using a green screen and special effects, this creates a modern vibe and is often colourful such as this video for Rude Boy by Rhianna.

However obviosly we don’t have the technology to take this path for our music video so we need to try hard to get a location that is interesting and flexible to film in. We will be filming our music video in the following locations:

– Red Lion theatre Horncastle, this theatre is a very old traditional theatre will red velvet seats and it also has a bit of an eerie spooky feel that along with lighting will make for the perfect setting for our video with the red curtains acting as a glamorous back drop.
-Horncastle Community Centre, this is a very large open space that we will be able to use to get the long shots and will enable Jess to move about and dance. The floors and decor are very dated which will suit the era of the song.
-Surroundings of St Marys Church, there is an old cobbled street that leads up to the church in horncastle and this would be inkeeping with the traditional vampiric theme however that location is very dependant on the weather conditions as we are filming during winter and only have time to film after school when the sun has set, it may prove too difficult to get a good quality shot so we might have to stick to the inside loactions.

COSTUMES: is is very important that we out a lot of effort into the costumes we use in the music video as we are not planning on having a strong stroyline to our video, obviously we do not have the recources that the professionals have and the extensive wardrobes and professional make up artists however I have got many dancing comstumes and props that we have accumilted over the years that will be useful for our video.

RED LEATHER JACKET: we will use Lucy’s red leather jacket to give that biker look however there is also an association with leather and bondage, obviously we don’t want it too be quite that wierd and sexual however this slight suggestion adds to the dangerously sexual vibe, despite my views on this association many pop stars are seen in videos wearing lots of leather cat suits, Britney is often seen in this attire.

MANS SUIT, TROUSERS, JACKET, WHITE SHIRT: this will be used to give the ambiguous and opposite gender look that we want to achieve that is seen used by Calvin Klein and in Lady GaGas music video as her alter ego. This suit will be over sized for Jess however this will make her seen slightly innocent, If we team the mans trousers with high heels this can also look glamourous and is often the look celebrities go for such and Kelly Rowland.

RED LEOTARD WITH FEATHER SKIRT AND FISHNET TIGHTS: this costume will bring the element of glamour to the video, and the quirky feather tail exentuates the female body and creates an interesting shot with the twinkle of the sequins and the fish nets as sensualtiy.

RED PROM DRESS: This dress is floor length and is extremely femenine with glamourous jewels and embeleshing, if we get the lighting right we will hopefully make them catch the light similar to the way light hit the jeweles in Florence and the Machines video. Movements will need to by slow and sensual in this dress.

BLACK LACE DRESS: this dress is more modern gothic and leans more towards the sexy vampire look as seen in TV series such as True Blood, movements in this outfit would be more stern and strong, invading the camera.

ORIENTAL SILKY DRESSING GOWN: this teaming with heavy eye make up and sparkly gems on Jess’s lips with look interesting and intriguing for both the female and male viewers, the silk also is very sensual, the way it feels and the way it flows is very feminine and the red and gold together looks royal and bold.

PROPS: we will use props to show Jess’s strength and power over the male with chains and to show her mystery a black mask over her eyes, we got the idea of this from the florence and the machine video. We will incorporate our studies of semiotics into the music video with lots of reds in the video such as a single red rose which is associated with lust and love. We will use for the male Jess a walking stick and bowler hat to show the male is weak and hiding.

Our research into olther artists have shown that our potential target audience could be two segments of people.In one way our potential target audience would be 16+ year olds as there would be fans of modern pop music and artists such as the ones we have researched ( Jessie J, Florence and the Machine) that would be interested in the different costume changes and the glamourous side of the music video where young teenage girls can aspire to be like the females in the music videos, there is then the attraction of the sensuality of the female we use in our music video which would appeal to younger boys who are attracted to these powerful and erotic women. The movements in the video would be quite sensual and suggestive however not too over the top that it becomes unnapealing for the female audience. Looking at fan websites for artists such as Jessie J, Rihanna and Shakira we see that there are many young teensge girls that are obseesed with these pop stars.


We could also attract a totally different audience of 40+ year olds this would be down to our song chioce. Anybody that were a fan of Britpop would also find our video appealing as the song would be recognisable and would take them back to their youth. This is another reason why we wouldn’t want the dancing and movements in the music video to be too sexual as adults that would be a potential target audience may find it all too much and even sleasy. We need to find a happy medium where we make the video appropriate enough for adults to watch and enjoy it however similar to more modern artists that use movements and mise-en-scene to show a sexual side too appeal to the 16+ age range.


Florence and the Machine music video. This video has shown us how location and movement can be very effective in a music video if you have an interesting person in the shot. This video makes lots of use of deep reds and royal colours. The red represents love and lust but can also mean danger and anger. In terms of our video red can be representative of deadliness of the woman. We also liked the masks that are used, the masquerade type ones which are hand-held and could look elegant in a close up shot of our character miming to the song, her eyes covered by this type of mask.

In the video Florence isn’t always moving really elegantly but sometimes is quite jerky and quirky, this is what makes her different from the likes of Beyonce and Alexandra Burke. The longer shots work being long as what you can see catches your eye and sustains your concentration and you can have time to appreciate the angle, the out fit and the lighting. Somtimes there is even dust falling that can make the shot different and eye catching.  We want to incorporate the elegant moves with some more contemporary and with attitude so there is a contrast in vibes and emotion of the singer. There is a shot at 1:35 where a movement Florence does is faster at the end than at the start, this technique is the repeated at 1:48. We will definately use this technique in our music video. What I have noticed that is used a lot in so many videos is how, the outfit, the setting, the camera angle and distance and overall mood are all connected as one and these shots which create totally different atmospheres are then alternated throughout the video.

One: a shot of Florence off centre looking upwards singing, bright even lighting, little make up, hair tied back, close up, low angle, used at 0:01, 0:14, 0:36, 0:53, 1:23, 1:43, 4:13, because of the clean, natural nature of this shot it is mainly used on the slower parts and when notes are high.

The technique of increasing the speed I mentioned earlier is always used with the same mise-en-scene which creates a certain mood associated with all thing in the shot. We should aim for this sort of plan as it creates order and fluency to a music video that when done well can look brilliant.

So far we have filmed some filler shots, ones that can be put in between others. From watching other music videos we have realised just how fast some shots are shown and can disappear in the blink of an eye. However we haven’t actually filmed anything from the storyboard.

RETHINK: We have come to the conclusion that we are trying to make out video into too much of a narrative. So we have decided to focus on movements, locations and costumes, if we get a quality shot paying attention to detail in terms of angle, position, in an interesting location (Junk Shop, Old Bolingbroke Castle, community center((new location a shabby large room with dark wood floors)) ) with contemporary fun costumes that change with the location. All of this should make for a more effective video that is less complicated and more straightforward to film.

Oh Lande Video: The movement in this video is unusual and not a fixed routine but contemporary jerky moves that is edited in post production making some bits in fast forward and quick changes of costume and location. One move started in one costume and location and the same move ended in another costume and location.

We have began our music video and now focusing very much on movement and editing. We have used techniques such as overlapping footage to make her look a bit spooky and translucent on lyrics of the song such as “horror”. We have also blurred a lot of our footage to add to the eerie mood. Other editing includes, reversing shots, speeding shots up and jump shots. This kind of creative editing is much more fun to do than editing a short film which is why I have found creating and editing a music video more fun.

However we then thought something is missing. Why of course, an interesting location!!

Jessie J- Domino.

Why it works: -every shot is exciting to look at

                        -editing is cut to the beat

                         – colours and moods change, yellow themes, to exotic themes to gangsta themes.

                        – jessie j does good facial expressions and simple yet effective movements.

All of these videos have many costume changes and location changes. We can incorporate this into our music video with Jess moving in the sytle of how she looks. If she looks feminine then slow delicate movements, if she looks edgy then contemporary jerky movements. As well as associated these movements with changes in the song.

So far I have just researched female artists that feature in their own music video however we have chosen to use a song performed by a second wave 1990’s brit-pop band.

Britpop is a subgenre of alternative rock that originated in the United Kingdom. Britpop emerged from the British independent music scene of the early 1990s and was characterised by bands influenced by British guitar pop music of the 1960s and 1970s. The movement developed as a reaction against various musical and cultural trends in the late 1980s and early 1990s, particularly the grunge phenomenon from the United States.

By taking aspects of the videos performed by modern female artists of the jerky movements and use of fast and slow motion which is used very effectively in the Florence and Machine and O Lande video, and the interlinking aspects of videos from the 1990’s Britpop bands this will create a fresh new take on the female artists videos as well as drawing in the audience of Britpop lovers, this way we can diversify our target audience.

Some First Wave Britpop bands:

Some Second Wave Britpop bands:







Nominated Films:

Of Gods and Men (Xavier Beauvois)

The Skin I Live In (Pedro Almondover)

Uncle Boomee Who Can Recall His Past Lives (Apichatpong Weerasethakul)

A Separation (Asghar Farhadi) WINNER!!

Something very interesting I noticed when watching the Cinema Awards was when Isabelle Huppert (The Piano Teacher, 8 Women) gave her speech after winning the award for Achievement in Cinema she talked about missing one film and that was a British Film, Jonathon Ross then went on to say “If Isabelle doesn’t get a part in the next Inbetweeners movie I’ll be very cross”, there was then a laugh from the audience. The laugh came from an audience of foreign film loving upper class people who obviously found the idea of having such a respectable actress in a low culture film such as the Inbetweeners would be totally crazy. Here we see a line that is clearly not blurred between high and low culture. This is quite an extreme case as maybe the Inbetweeners movie isn’t quite her forte.


To see the bit I mean go 38 minutes 40 seconds in.


This article written by Nick Lacey sets out to try to answer the question:


Points from the article:

  • low vs high culture debate is fuelled by politicians, education ministers, cultural critics and the media.

If someone was asked who are the greatest writers of all time we may hear names such as Shakespeare, Thomas Hardy, Charles Dickens and TS Elliot. In music names such as Bach, Mozart and Beethoven. But why is it that this is the case, some of the people who answer that question may not have even read or heard these writers or composers work so how would they know.

According to the French philosopher Pierre Bourdieu by knowing “great works of art” people believe they have cultural capital which would enable them to become part of the ‘elite’. There is this idea that knowing the ‘classics’ means that you are somehow better prepared in the world and if for some reasons you aren’t knowledgeable on something that is classed as a ‘classic’ then it is a very bad thing indeed. However why should someone have to have read a certain book to be allowed in the ‘elite’ group, I feel this group is a little bit clicky. However this distinction in classes is said to now be far less important that in the past as both high and low culture is available to all classes in some way, shape or form. All classes have a high range of media available to them and can decide what and how they want to experience it.

There is now also the idea that age, gender and ethnicity also have a part in determine what texts are for cultural capital. For example I have had little experience of the ‘classics’ during my time at school however have broadened my knowledge of TV Drama, Arthouse films and music videos. In a time of postmodernism there is no reason why as a media student I can’t compare a soap opera and Shakespeare’s pieces.

There is a problem with having such a high range of texts available to us, how on earth are we going to find out what is worth experiencing? If we only read, watch, play etc what is most popular we may be denying ourselves all the niche texts, we could be missing out on the ‘long tail’. There are many lists and polls of “the greatest [insert media here] of all time”, if I haven’t seen many of these things on these lists does that mean I’m missing out or have I made my own list that is more important to me?

Quentin Tarantino films don’t really fit into a category but are a combination of things such as  high-end French New Wave and low-end Grindhouse trash. He has entered into contemporary cinema with a combination of intertextuality of the greatest of cinema history and a new incredibly unique take on narratives. He has blurred the line between high and low culture, the clever narrative and contemporary style and camera work caters for the high culture while the comedy and action caters for the low culture, not that both could be admired by either culture it’s just what you decide to love about his films.

Tarantino’s films are discussed in all circles of people, whatever class. He saw cinema as one, not being put into any groups. He became familiar with all type of film for his job at a video store and you can see this knowledge of films from different genres, different artistic movements and different periods shine through in his films.

‘It’s like a wax museum with a pulse”

We see lots of intertextuality in Pulp Fiction:

  • In the restaurant Mia and Vincent visit, we see the staff impersonating iconic figures such as Marlyin Monroe and Buddy Holly, both figures of popular culture.
  • Jules deciding to “wander the earth” like Kane in televisions Kung Fu.
  • There are also very small references such as the scene where Butch is deciding which weapon to use, we see a chain saw (Texas Chain Saw Massacre).

The term ‘nobrow’ has now been introduced into the film world, used to define the less direct reliance in high/low distinctions and a greater leaning towards the notion of one, all encompassing, cultural recognition.


There is an argument that all of these post modern films are merely just a grouping together of references to past work with no innovation of their own. However the creativity involved in a postmodern text such as Pulp Fiction is so great that it makes these type of films a whole new movement that cleverly integrates the old and new. Tarantino “is not degrading, but reclaiming culture” and then adding his own, fresh, flair.


Even from looking at the website we are hit with male vibes, from the steely gray background to the sturdy positioning of the characters heads with smirks on their faces and we faced with Jeremy Clarksons head smack bang in the centre, set slightly forward trying to force a smile thats not too happy becasue that may make him look slightly femanine.

Top Gear has, despite having 3 larger than life male presenters and being about such a sterotypical topic of cars, somehow managed to achieve an almost even audience demographic of 42% female and 58% male viewers. Top Gear has gained its popularity  throught funny antics, fast cars and and the competition between presenters. Top Gear has many aspects that are typically masculine from the set being chunky and surrounded by steel framework.




 There is an escapist feel to the show where the presenters are given money to buy a car and don’t have to worry about insuring themselves on this car or the car getting damaged, they can blow up nearly anything they want and don’t themsleves have to worry about setting anything up or clearing everythinhg away. The three men have no worries about practicality, time or how rediculous they look. There is something quite engaging about middle aged men acting rather like children, looking like fools and sometimes giving us some knowledge about cars.
Clarkson ios often the alpha male of the show as being the first to speak every episode, the one who interviews the celebrities instantly shows him to be the ring leader, he can throw out the insults when ever he wants and is not afraid to carry on this persona outside the show, often being in the media due to feuds with others (Piers Morgan) and affairs with his women. He also participates in shows such as QI and Have I Got News For You where he does tone down him dominant persona and brings out more of a relatively intelligent man.
Despite being on the recieving end of numerous height jokes Richard Hammond then challenges alpha male Jeremy’s decisions on things such as choice of cars and the “Cool Wall”. He is also the presenter of childrens show Richard Hammonds Blast Lab, somthing that Jeremy Clarkson couldn’t possibly due and would most likely make some small children cry.
James May is the one that seems to be most in the show for the cras, i think he generally wants to just talk about the technicalities and history if the cars but has to engage in the crazy tasks set just to fit in, he is nicknamed “Captain Slow” and has a sensible label that is backed up by other shows he presents such as 20th Century and Big Ideas.