1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

There are many music videos which show sensual females however very often these females are then shown being close with males and the male figures being protective over the female and holding her in a very stereotypical romance way however our video aims to show the strength of the female over the male, there are some songs in pop music today that have lyrics and aspects that represent powerful strong women such as Jessie J’s song, Do It Like A Dude where Jessie J is grabbing her crotch and wearing her hat low like a man however whilst performing in the video she is still conforming to stereotypical views of a female pop star, dancing quite sexually with bold makeup and revealing outfits. We used aspects of modern pop videos such as the deatailing on the lips of the performer which has become like a trademark for Jessie J. This adds glamour and depeneding on the colour of the lips, dark purple can make the performer seem gothic and quite deadly while red lips may represent lust and romance. There  is quite a large divide in pop stars in the modern day for ones that are trying to appeal to men in their videos through what they wear and their movements on screen whilst there are some that are challenging the conventions of a stereotypical pop star, such a Lady Gaga who though her crazy outfits and style and love for everything wacky detract men, along with pop stars such as La Roux. We wanted to go down this route and produce a video that sometimes is similar to the likes of Beyonce and Rhianna but then also bring in parts that are the total opposite this is how we thought of using the same female as a very femanine character as well as quite a masculine one. In our video we are challenging the approach of having a very “pleasing to the eye” female in a music video which has become the norm in popular music videos today and stripping our performer from any thing glamourous from make up to costume. One costume we chose to use is a mans suit with bowler hat and bow tie, suits for women have become very popular and we see it quite a lot in the media.

trouser suits can be seen on the catwalk, on celebrities and in Lady Gaga's music video

We have used many jump cuts in our video, this gives a very jerky effect that is a popular technique in music videos, it can look edgy and modern. The inspriation for the jump cuts in our video came from the fast and jerky movements of vampires that are seen in the huge global giant that is the Twighlight films. There are strong women in twightlight that are deadly to males and have super fast movements, while the vampire is usually dangerous films such as Twighlight and the other numerous programmes such as True Blood( for which the advert below takes the classically sexual picture of juicy red lips and perfect white teeth but giving it a vampiric edge) that are to do with vampires portray the female vampires as quite sexual with long flowing hair, piercing eyes and animalistic charateristics. We wanted to give this effect to Jess, not by giving her razor sharp canines but making her move jerkily and excentuating her pale face and dark hair in post production.

The colour red is often used as a statement colour in many aspects of media, from films to TV to music videos, it has lots of meaning and is often a colour to describe lust, love and passion or danger, violence and death.

The long red dress represents and ultra femanine look and we then contrast it with the black suit which is very mush related to men. Most popualar female artists have very suggestive moves in their music videos, often caressing their own bodies and making questional hip movements and this has now become the norm with artists such as Britney and JLo, here is an example of this in JLo’s I’m Into You:

In our music video we didn’t want to conform to this so we used a sort of alter ego to our performer, who acts in a lot more of a scruffy way that is often related to men. We have seen Lady Gaga in the media with her masculine alter ego and we watched the movements on Jo Calderone in the video ‘You and I’. In this video Jo (Lady Gaga) is in a stained and grubby white tshirt, smoking a cigarette with greasy slicked back (Danny from Grease style) hair. He often has his shoulders hunched over, spits onto the floor and is very ungraceful, this is the kind of effect we wanted for Jess’s alter ego.

In our video Jess is wiping her nose with her hand and itching however in most conventional videos the man is very handsome and appealing with slick movements that would be appealing to females, this tends to be in pop music videos. Whereas in more Indi music and heavy metal the men are much more scruffy, with an unshaven face and tend to have a bit more of a ‘rough and tumble’ vibe.

This is more the type of male we are aiming for in our music video, one that might not be as appealing for most girls however does have an audience of people that are into his (Pete Doherty) music and style.

In many pop videos today the women wear very little clothes and show lots of flesh but we wanted to make Jess more sophisticated as we are trying to show that Jess is a strong and independent woman and that she is not just trying to appeal to men. There are many women that are like this and despite not showing off lots of flesh are still known for being very sexy women and a good representation for women. Icons that both men and women can adore, such as Audrey Hepburn. This is the type of woman we wanted to portray Jess as and we did this through the outfits she wears and the way she moves. Jess’s moves are quite slow and sensual but not so suggestive like many artists such as Britney and Rhianna. When Jess is wearing the long red dress we had her moving slower and more sophisticated than when she is dressed in a short black dress and red high heels.

Many artists have developed trade marks that they have played upon and used to make fans and get into the public eye and have incorporated it into their music videos. They are things that make them noticed, for example JLo’s bottom has become a trademark for her and she is often known as the one with the good behind, she knows this and therefore shakes it about a lot in many of her music videos. Jessie J also has a trade marks and i would say that it is her lip art, in many of her videos she has studs and glitter and multi colours on her lips and if anyone else does it, which they have tried to it doesn’t seem to work. Icons in history such as Marilyn Monroe also had her trade mark stance in the white dress over the air grate and this is often copied and straight away people realise who they are trying to imitate. We have started to try and develop trade marks for Jess however there is no movement or costume that actually defines her and this would have worked well to make the video more memorable.

Overall I think we have challenged the idea that popular music that involves a beautiful women has to include her in tiny outfits and moving in a suggestive way, we have taken ideas from artists such as Lady Gaga who are changing the way we see female artists by creating older egos and being in touch with her masculine side. We are trying to show the strength of the women and that the male doesn’t always have to be holding her up.


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