2. How effective is the combonation of your main media product and ancillary tasks?

Our main media prodcuts focuses a lot on the differences between genders and we needed to carry this on in our ancillary tasks. The main themes in our music video is the contrasting balck, white and red, the femanine movements with the masculine ones and the layering. We researched several images that related to our music video and thought about things that can work as a static image. We ddint want to simply take an image from the music video as the quality of the images we could get from the video aren’t as good as what we could acheive from doing a totally new photoshoot.

We looked at the outfits we had used for the music video and found something similar that would look effective on a picture. Instead of a red dress we used a long black one which looks a lot more gothic, we also used dark purple lipstick that is also quite gothic and deadly. We also use the fact that Jess’s hair is very dark long in the music video quite a lot by putting it in different styles. When doing the photoshoot we took lots of images on Jess throwing her hair about. This makes for a very striking image one that becomes more 3 dimensional as there is movement in the shot and you can tell that she wasn’t static. We focus a lot on movement in the video so the CD will suggest this. A recurring theme in our music video is the use of the colours red black and white as these colours are very vampiric and can look either modern or old and gothic when put together. Despite this we haven’t included the red as much in our ancillary products, I think if we had had Jess with red lips this would have been unorigional as red lips are always used on women to suggest sensulaity however we wanted to have an element of deadliness so used dark purple lipsitck which makes Jess look even paler. As Jess flicked her hair her hands are in a position of authority that suggests she is allmighty and powerfull and not trying to hide away, this is also what we have done in our music video, Jess does moves that are big and bold that show off her power.

Our initial ideas to have a image that was more literal to the title of the song where they was a deadly female that has power over a female however we then decided on having a more simple one as the concept and look of our video was only simple and we never really had a very busy shot. I think that an audience would put together our video, CD cover and poster but maybe only becasue Jess in on all of them, I think that we may have made our anciallry tasks too modern for our music video as our song and video is quite old fashioned as our song ‘Female of the Speceies’ is from the 1990’s and video is quite noisey and blurred which gives it a retro 90’s vibe. Then our ancillary tasks have turned our to be quite modern, having said this many older CD covers that is they were used for a current album they would automatically make it modern.

There are several things that link our products together from the gems on the lips to the bowler hat, I think the products work together very well as, combined, they create a whole identity and vibe that is obviously about sensual females, I think that a sketchy design for the CD cover or magazine article would not have suited the video as the video is quite mature and doesnt really suit the playful style of a sketchy design. I don’t think that a painted design would work either as the era that the song was bought out the CD covers were more graphic images rather than paintings and we don’t want to get rid of our interesting factor that we chose not to use a modern song as this has helped us choose our target audience and how to portray our characters. I think that a kaleidoscope design could have worked for our ancillary products as we used alot of layering in our video as this looks very effective and can create interesting patterns and imagery so the use of patterns in our CD cover could have worked quite well. I did choose to include layering in one of our magazine advert designs, I layered the two images we have used for our CD cover and back cover for the magazing an layered them on top of eachother and reduced the opacity on the close up image of Jess in the bowler hat, this made Jess look as if she has hair over her eyes like huge eyebrows and a colourful beaded necklace where the gems on boy Jess’ lips and on the neck of girl Jess. I like the way new shots and patterns can be made through layering. As our video is quite simple we didn’t want to use fancy writing that took attention away from the imagery as in our video we didn’t want to include a big story line that would take attention away from Jess’s costumes and mise-en-scene.

Overall I think the combonation of our music video and ancillary tasks works very well as despite the background in the music video being dark and quite gloomy and our ancillry products haveing a crisp white background the contrast of atmosphere can relate to the contrast between the two types of character in our video,  the use of mise-en-scene such as gems and the bowler hat link the video to the products making them a very effective and eye catching group.


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