3. What have you learned from your audience feedback?

To start with we asked an audience of adults such as our mums and dads and older friends to view our music video to get different perspectives on it. The feedback from out younger audience showed us that the song was not popular with teens as it is not of their era and they can’t enjoy our video if they are put off by the song. People of a different generation of music may enjoy the song better as they might recognise it.  This is the feedback we got:

1. Did you enjoy the music video?

Well this is pretty positive, it makes our initail thoughts clear that our video is suited to an older audience. We need to think or reaons why the 25% didn’t like the video, was it becasue they got bored and thought that technically the video wasn’t good or they just didn’t like the song. In theory we could have chosen s song that would suit a wider reange of people and ages however we wanted to try something that we aren’t familiar with and that we wouldn’t choose to listen too. We wanted to go out of our comfort zone and these figures show that we may have pulled it off. We realise that it isn’t going to be too eveeryones taste as some videos I watch, I like and some I don’t it just depends on the person. We tried to think of everyone, for exmaple having a seductive female may appeal to the male audience as many female artists of today take this approach in their videos of writhing around on the floor however we wanted our female to be strong and dominant, this would appeal more to the female audience.

2. Did the pace of editing suit the style of the song?

I was quite hard to edit to the beat with our music video, however there were some bits in the song where a turn of her head or a jump cut could go with the beats that were at the end of each chourus, during the slower and more powerful bits of the song we wanted to keep the movements flowing as we used lots of jump cuts in other places and didn’t want the video to be repetative. We tended to keep editing at the end of lines in the song rather than with the beat which may have been a mistake. However more than half of the audience said they felt it was edited to the beat which is good as sometimes our video suited longer shots of her movements rather than fast paced editing.

3. What age of person would you target this video at?

The song female of the species was bought out in 1996 so if people who were around 25 heard the song and became a fan of it in 1996 then that would mean we need to target at around 40 year olds. We did try to cater for our age group as well however it was hard as it seemed if they didn’t like the song then they instantly took no interest in the video. There are aspects of the video that our age group would enjoy as the performer is of a similar age to them however I think the song put them off. We should use this information that more than half of the older people that viewed our video believed it suited best 30+ year olds to help with our CD cover and magazine adervtisements as picking the right imagery and font could help to atrract the target age we want to sell to. However this result that not all under18’s wouldn’t like this video as more and more genres of music is being invented so people are beginning to diversify their choice of music which could work in our favour.

4. What aspect of the music video did you enjoy most?

This is quite a positive result as we did try to focus a lot on costume changes and making what she is wearing a big part of the shot. However obviously we didn’t have as many resources as a porfessional producer would have such as a huge wardrobe with numerous different styles and looks or professional make up artists or hair stylists along with many hours to film the video. We were only able to hire the video out for a couple of hours at a time, and we was able to incorporate a few of my dancing costumes into the video. As we only had a simple location we needed to work hard with the mise en scene and Jess’s acting to make the video work well. You can see in many pop videos such as Beyonce and Lady Gaga that there are so many costume changes and every single one is so detailed and interesting too look at, everything has been carefully thought about from the eye make up to the footwear and that is what we wanted to do for our video. We was very fortunate to have Jess in our video as she is very comfortable behind the camera and was good at the movements as a male as well as female. She has the look we wanted of seductive and vampire like with pale skin and dark hair whcih we enhanced in editing. It may be that what you see on screen is more important than how you see it on screen as in the composition and camera angles to the everyday public.

5. Do you think there was a clear representation of the power of the female over males in this video?

This is a postive response to this question as really this is what it’s all about. The title being female of the species and nearly all the lyrics about the power of the female ae “when a girl like you has cast a spell on me”, “one kiss and I’m zapped” all lead back to the females power. However I believe we could have done more towards pushing the meaning of the song out to the audience by including  things to do with females having power over males in nature such as the black widow spider who is often shown in documentaries as deadly insect with no fear of the males, it is often found that the female of an animal is bigger than the female, we could have included something to do with this however it is something to think about when producing our CD cover, while remembereing to link to our video.

6. Do you think there was a wide enough range of camera shots used?

We did need to focus a lot on camera work as our location is so simple. I think we could have used more camera angles however we was limited with height, it may have been beneficial to take a step ladder to our shotting location so we could ahve got a better range of shot heights and angles. We used many close up shots to show the detail of her facial expressions and make up. We did use the dolly however the floor was quite uneven so we used mats to get a smoother shot. 65% of positive feedback it quite a good result however I can see ways of improving the range of camera angles. I think it is of the upmost importance that we made everything on the screen interesting to make up for the lack of interesting location.

Overall we recieved some positive feedback and I have learnt that is was beneficial to spend lots of time on costume changes as this is what the majority of the audience liked most. I have also learnt that we could improve on the pace of the editing as 30% of the audience thought the editing didn’t suit the song. We have also founf out the age group we need to target, 30+, as they are more familiar with the song. This will help us decide how to go about advertising our video through the magazine advert and CD cover, I think we need to take aspects of CD covers from the mid 90’s to appeal to the age group we are targeting at.


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