4. How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

Our main source of research for our music video was the internet however before we had even chosen our song we looked through our music devices such as ipods for what kind of music took our fancy and what song we could use that we liked but we wouldnt get too sick of listening too. Ipods enable us too listen too any music we want and have many good and bad points. Downloading music to put onto ipods have meant a decline in the CD industry hence why CD covers have got more and more innovative and tactile. The CD era took over from LP’s which along with the radio were at one point the only wany of listening to your favourite music and this poses an often asked question of is the experience of listening to music become less special as it becomes so much easier too do? However as LP’s are now a lot rarer and people are finding it fashionable to be in a niche market and have begun to buy them more meaning as they are now “cool” too have as having just an ipod is too common so there could be hope for the LP.

So looking through my ipod is a very quick and easy way of finding songs that we thought would be good to make a music video too. Using YOUTUBE we searched for videos that inspired us and we thought were extremely effective, there are many ways of seeing music videos, on the computer on the TV there are many music channels devoted to showing non stop music videos and using an Ipod/Ipad so it was pretty simple to get our hands on pleanty of music videos.

After choosing Female Of The Species I looked on their website to see what their vibe is like and to see what other songs they have and look at their discography. Websites are a very simple and easy way of finding information out about bands and what going on, they are a super quick way of updating fans about tour dates and new songs however the Space website wasn’t too up to date as Space were no longer a band when we were researching.

Researching and planning didn’t involve that many new media technologies, mostly just the internet and our brains, however as we began to construct our music video we were using a lot of technology some we could manage and some we couldn’t. As music videos focus a lot on the quality of the shot so that all details of the mise-en-scene are extremely clear this meant that the lighting had to be top quality, we needed more than just the media lighting so we got hold of some industrial sized lights that would give life to the dark places we were planning on filming in. Obviously light isn’t exactly the newest thing in the world however the way it is used is constantly being adapted and the thought put into lighting is increasing, we used these lights to create shadows and outlines.

We have learnt from filming previous footage that having two cameras can make everything a whole lot easier as continuity can be mastered a whole lot easier and you can pick and choose between angles that look best. At the begging of filming we tried to use my camera which is a Fuji Finepix s200 EXR which is brilliant for taking pictures however after time without a HD setting for recording movies we found that the shot was often very noisy and not as clear as we would have liked.

This camera is only 12 mp as it wasn’t bought recently and with the crazy pace of constantly improving camera technology it has already become dated but will still be useful for the ancillary products. Like many things in this day and age buy something new a year later there will be versions ten times better, it has become very hard to keep up with media technology without breaking the bank. The school cameras shot a better image than mine so we used that to film most of the music video sometimes using the fuji alongside. We also attempted to use a steadicam which despite being invented in 1976 have adapted and evolved to become a brilliant media technology.


There are many tutorials on the internet to help us get the hang of using it but we only managed to get about half an hour of practise compared to the years of practice professionals have. We did try to use the steadicam during the constrsuction process however we didn’t manage to get any useable footage using it, hopefully now we know the absolute basics of using one we will eventually be sucessful using one as the outcome can be very impressive.

Steadicam is a brand of camera stabilizing mount for motion picture cameras that mechanically isolates it from the operator’s movement, allowing for a smooth shot even when moving quickly over an uneven surface”

We also wasn’t using the most appropriate location to put a steadicam to full use as the theatre was onlu small and no long smooth movements could really be made without running into a chair or something. We also used a tripod to make our footage smooth, for some shots we mounted the tripod on a dolly so that we could do some long panning movements circling around Jess wshilst she was dancing, many of our shots were very static so we had to do lots of work in post production to make our video work and look interesting.

We used many new media technologies in the editing of our music video, we used programmes such as final cut and mpeg streamclip to convert our footage to make it work on final cut. We have now had lots of experience of using this software, we aren’t quite geniuses on it however our skills have developed and we have learn’t lots of new techniques and we used many of these in our music video.

Our video is very playful with editing and we could mess around with effects and layering to create the look we wanted. We didn’t want to make our video look at all tacky but we did want to make it look cool and stylized. Here are some of the techniques we used throughout our video:

We also introduced ourselves to photoshop and we realised that it’s not at all like paint. We needed to use photoshop to create our ancillary products which was our CD front cover, back cover and insert and magazine article. We started out reserching other products on the internet. We looked at a BBC article of the best album art of 2011, this is an example of convergence of media in the online age where newspapers and magazines are now avaliable on the internet creating a whole new experience but maybe loosing its inital attraction of something that is physically there to read on the go that is freshly printed keeping you up to date with goings on. Anyway this article gave emaples of CD artwork that works very well. We could get inspiration from these and see how modern artists present there work and how album covers are constructed.


This is where we found the Cults CD cover which inspired us to use the technique of capturing a movement in a picture in this case the hair.

We then did a photoshoot with Jess using the Fuji camera which captured some brilliant images that we was sure would work for our CD art. We then started the construction process using photoshop whcih once we got the hang of using it went quite swimmingly. We used tools such as:

Throughout all stages of the making of the music video and the evaluation I have used this wordpress blog to record whats been going on and how the video has progressed how I have used other artists work to inspire me. A blog is a relatively new media technology  that came about in the late 1990’s and are an interactive journal and has become a way for many people to express themselves in a way more exciting than just writing them on paper. Having a blog has enabled me to show videos and pictures that relate to my work and has helped me realise the progress I have made in a fun and unique way.


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