Our initial idea is to base the look of the CD cover on the single title Female Of The Species. So we were thinking of ways to show dominance of the female version of Jess over the male. However we could make our artwork not directly link to the theme of the album. Our initail ideas were to incorporate things such as clowns and puppet strings to show the control the female has over the male. We could use a shot from our music video and use editing software such as photoshop to edit it to give it the impact a CD cover needs. I have noticed that most popular female artists such as Beyonce and Alexandra Burk have their own face to promote their album. 

There is lots of black and white and close ups of their faces with neat make up and hair back. However these women are all very feminine and conform to what female pop stars look like and our video is trying to challenge these ideas. However people are attracted more to the artist than the music and the cover sows this. As the song we are using is from the 90’s we can incorporate this into the look of our cover. Here are some CD covers of bands from the 90’s, some of them have links to our ideas for CD covers in terms of feminine figures or things linked to lust or love.

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We also needed to look at fonts for our cover as this finishes off the look and needs to work well with the image. Having said this making the font totally opposite can also work. We were thinking a very simple font for ‘female of the species’ and then a complex detailed font for Space. All of the fonts here for Space are taking the name quite literally.


Here is the discography of Space the band, I do really like them and the bright colours mixed with contemporary design and retro imagery. The covers are very eye catching and I would be drawn to looking more at the cover.

Space Discography

This collection of photos focuses largely on mise-en-scene and not as much the shot legth and angle as they are pretty much the same.  The reasons why these adverts work is due to the colour palette and interesting surroundings, the images are highly edited and would not look haif as interesting post edit. The black and red image is most interesting to us as there is the sexy burlesque theme we are hoping to achieve. The high slit on the long black dress, the red polished apple and long red draping curtains all ass to the burlesque vibe.

The new era of ablum art.

People are becoming bored of the same old album covers. Popular music normally shows an image of the artist singing or in a seductive pose and this has not chagned since the early days of album art. The reason why things have changed is we now see our favourite bands and artists every waking minute of our lives. We can see them in many magazines, on TV, there is also more oppurtunities to see them live. So we have a relatively good idea of what they look like. We now expect more from an album cover, we expect something so contemporary and origional that it will persuade them to choose that album cover over downloading their tunes from the internet. We now also want a keepsake from an album, if we are going to go to the effort of buying a CD it needs to be something special not a picture that you can find on the intenet. Music downloading has proved very damaging to the sales of CD’s so artists are going to new levels to keep the CD on the shleves. The clean smooth images of 10 years ago no longer appeal to music fans, well not as much, so innovative designs are being produced that are much more gritty and surreal, many more painters are being used with the use of well known paintings to represent the CD. Here is some examples of this:

Using an image such as this for an album cover may not instantly catch your eye when on its own or amongst others of the same nature however when amongst all of the modern colourful contemporary covers these will stand out as they look traditional and are pale colours. Many of these covers do not include the title on the cover, this may be to not spoil the beauty of the image and to keep it looking like an origional painting. Covers such as these may also not give any clues as to the genre of music, this can work by intruiging possible buyers or can mean people who are set in their ways in terms of genres of music may not look twice at this CD.Another theme that seems popular with modern CD covers is having a centre piece normally circular shaped that draws the eye in to the album. Here are some examples:

These ablum covers work well as personally have a circular shape in the centre of a square looks slightly hypnotic and hard to take your eyes of, it could be symbolising the vision through a target on a gun or looking through a spyglass. It is also very effective when the image in the circle if extremely detailed and the surrouding space very plain. There are many covers that go for the look of a kaleidoscope and this can also be hypnotic and eye catching.

Sketchy album covers are also becoming more and more popular as they give the raw and not so polished look of CD covers in the past. The sketchy pencil lines look interesting and detailed and are never the same as each other.



After looking at other CD covers and targeting our audience we have come up with an initial idea for our front cover back cover and insert, we have taken what we know looks good and is effective from the music video and we are going to do a photo shoot to get a collection of images that are crisp and effective.

For the front cover of our CD we have decided to use a symetrical image of  Jess in a long black dress and glamourous make up, this idea came from the adverts with Katy Perry in for GHD. We think a black dress and dark purple lipstick will make her look quite deadly but at the same time sensual. Having an image duplicated and flipped is used quite often and can be seen on quite a few other cover art and music videos. Lady Gaga uses a huge amont of symetry for the opening sequence in Born This Way. We have also used this technique for the scenes in our video when Jess is wearing the red kamono. By doing this shapes can be make in the space between the two images of Jess that can be interesting to the eye.

We have done a photoshoot for our CD cover after decided we wanted something new and fresh rather than a shot from our video. In the beginning we wanted to do our photo shoot in a church somewhere to innkeep woth the gothic vibe however we didn’t want to disrespect anyone and didn’t know who to contact for it also our deadline was getting closer and closer, we then thought about using the theatre again where we filmed some of our music video but the theatre wasn’t avaliable when we were, our last resort was one of our houses and just use a big white sheet to create a backgroud and it turned out this may have been the most effect option. The costumes and props we used are:

Long Black Dress

Dark Purple Lipstick

Black High heels

Diamond Necklace

Hair down and messy


white shirt

black bow tie

black bowler hat

black waistcoat

gems (green, blue, white, gold, red) for lips

hair up

Here are some of the shots we took:

Here is some initial ideas for a CD cover I made at home just using paint:

And here are the edits we made to the pictures we decided to use for our CD cover and insert.

This is the picture we have chosen for our back cover and here is a few things we did when editing it.

– Exposure up

-Hue and saturation of the gems up

-Inserted white text on the hat and black text on the face.

-placed a barcode over the image

I think the composition of the back cover works well as all of the image and text in placed in the center with white space either side, the black hat contrasts with the clinical white background, and the gems add detail without making it too busy.

This is our final design for the front cover and to produce this we increased the exposure, used the lasso to delete the creases from the sheet, we kept the shadow to give the image depth and make her come out of the cover towards the viewer. The image looks quite creepy as the hair looks like it is floating when in fact Jess just flicked her hair and I had to capture the image at the precise time. We have kept the font simple and small so as not too distract from the image as we know that from our research it is not vital that the name of the album or band is on the cover.

Here are the pictures we are using for the booklet:

I think the CD cover works very well


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