3 x shot of cobbles- l0w angle

– 3 x shot of cobbles – heels walking through

– 3 x shot women walking away, stops, crouches down

– 3 x close up women’s face

– 3 x shot woman walking off (jump cuts)

– 3 x shot silhouette hands

– 3 x close up cat’s eye

– 3 x close up mannequin face

-3 x close up candle

– 3 x close up cross

– 3 x silhouette dancing

– 3 x close up hands – different angles

– 3 x close up man’s face – eyes open

– 3 x mid shot – man through window washing up

– 3 x mid shot – camera pans through door

– 3 x mid shot woman sat in throne

– 3 x mid shot woman with snake

– 3 x shot woman ‘shock’ tilt head

– 3 x close up blood down face

– 3 x mid shot man singing

– 3 x close up faces coming towards camera

– 3 x close up mans face

– 3 x close up hands in face

– 3 x shot man in old bolingbroke – high angle

– 3 x mid shot silhouette dancing

– 3 x different angles in junk shop

– 3 x close up woman laughing

– 3 x close up vase smashing






There had to be some changes made to this inital plan as the locations that we were hoping to film at were not avaliable. The weather was not in our favour for a long duration of time time so we werent able to do any type of filming out side, meaning our planned opening wasn’t going to be able to happen as well as the filming at Bolingbroke Castle. It was also very hard to find a suitable male to play the role as no one we could get into contact with fitted the bill as it would have been too confusing to have an older man however we knew no boys that had the time to be in our video. This is when we had the idea of Jess in fact playing the male role which could work very well if we reearch other artists who have taken this route. We were also not able to use Great Expectations junk shop as we were not allowed to film in there becasue of other people who have done before and things have gone missing. After finding a new location at the local community centre we needed to come up with a new plan.

So we had a rethink of our shotlist and this is what we came up with:



















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