Our research into olther artists have shown that our potential target audience could be two segments of people.In one way our potential target audience would be 16+ year olds as there would be fans of modern pop music and artists such as the ones we have researched ( Jessie J, Florence and the Machine) that would be interested in the different costume changes and the glamourous side of the music video where young teenage girls can aspire to be like the females in the music videos, there is then the attraction of the sensuality of the female we use in our music video which would appeal to younger boys who are attracted to these powerful and erotic women. The movements in the video would be quite sensual and suggestive however not too over the top that it becomes unnapealing for the female audience. Looking at fan websites for artists such as Jessie J, Rihanna and Shakira we see that there are many young teensge girls that are obseesed with these pop stars.


We could also attract a totally different audience of 40+ year olds this would be down to our song chioce. Anybody that were a fan of Britpop would also find our video appealing as the song would be recognisable and would take them back to their youth. This is another reason why we wouldn’t want the dancing and movements in the music video to be too sexual as adults that would be a potential target audience may find it all too much and even sleasy. We need to find a happy medium where we make the video appropriate enough for adults to watch and enjoy it however similar to more modern artists that use movements and mise-en-scene to show a sexual side too appeal to the 16+ age range.



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