Intertextuality is refrencing from other media. It can be from the same type of media such as a music video referencing another music video or from different types of media such as a TV programme referencing a novel. Using intertextuality in our music video can achieve audience gratification where the audiEnce will see the reference and feel excited about having a connection to the video. We can then broaden the audience that watches our video.

Before locating where we are including intertextuality in our music video’s we looked at some other artists who have have got either obvious intertextuality or discrete references.








By using intertextuality an artist can borrow a style and then put their mark on it and this makes the whole porcess of making the video a lot easier. It makes you question wether anything we see in media such as film and music video is origional, how far back has some of the ideas now come from? Many people think we have the artists of yesterday to thank for the artists of today, the ones who made a movement in art to times suchas cubist and surrealism. Maybe this applies to media such as film, the way directors think today is very much influenced by the work of directors when film first started out.


In many ways we are including sexuality, we have the gothic, vampiric theme that links nicely to the popular group of TV series such as Vampire Diaries and True Blood and then we have the strong femme fatale figure as the basis of the video which linked to charaters such as Rite Hayworth as Gilda in the Shawshank Redemption.

The things that make Gilda a femme fatale is the strong movements and the way she seems to own the space she is in, he silky dress and  gloves and red lipstick. We can use some of these ideas to, also the iconic hair flick when we are first introduced to her,  if we introduced our female character in this way the audience may recongise it and feel more attatched to the video.

We can also include some more discrete intertexuality from other media such as the red apple we see on the popular book and films Twighlight, if we were to show the apple being held the way it is on the cover of the book then the audience may recognise it and  give them gratifcation for their spot. There may also be potential for the inclusion of strong female figures such as Cruela De Vil, the fictional baddie from 101 Dalmations, who loves to boss her male sidekicks about and wear fur. By includinga costume made from fur in our video this could also link to the animalistic and dangerous nature of a femme fatale.


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