We can’t really help much on this one – Space themselves don’t own the tracks from any of the time they were with Gut records – as Gut is no longer around we wouldn’t even be able to give you a contact there because as far as we’re aware they’ve gone their separate ways. I checked with Yorkie and he’s no wiser!

Sorry we can’t be of more assistance.


On Sun, Oct 16, 2011 at 4:48 PM, Esme and Lucy <> wrote:
Hello, we are currently studying A level media and for our course work are producing a music video. We would love to be able to use the Space song “Female of the Species” as it is something a little different and we have some promising ideas of what we would include. Please get back to us with your approval. Thanks.
Esme and Lucy
All righty then lets make a vid!
Last year we made a short film, this film could have been about absolutely anthing but why did we choose to do it about somthing so depressing. I found that quite a few people had pretty depressing films. In our case i think that may have been because when people are happy they tend not talk so we wouldnt need dialouge, we could use shots that expressed their feelings so un exciting and flat meaning we wouldnt need to use fancy camera angles and when someone our age is sad the classic thing to do is sit in your room so we had our location sorted. When making a fim you also have restraits such as a plot, a character, set locations however with a music video you can really do just about ANYTHING!!! You don’t even have to stick to the lyrics with a music video. Like films you can make big scale music videos on a hugh budget or simple small scale music videos.
Sometimes the smaller scale videos are the ones that are most creative. The director has to think how am i going to WOW the viewers and artist with out breaking the bank. Also how am I going to keep their attention if there isn’t constant explosions or semi naked ladies? This would be a though job for most people but not for these creative folk who can pop origional ideas out there one after the other and have creative juice running through their viens.
Notice the packaging for the Creative Juice doesn’t contain any comic sans becasue that just wouldn’t be creative.
A band called broadcast 2000 makes some brilliant videos, they take the phrase simple yet effective, sip a bit of creative juice and produce some of what i think are the finest videos of today however may not be to the taste of the people who are used to watching large sclae videos.
Take a look.

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