“It’s the taking part that counts” is a phrase that rarely crosses my mind. When some one asks “how did you do in that high jump competition last Saturday”, they are obviously aware of the fact that i took part, so that doesn’t count at all. They would like to know if i won!

When in competition it can drive you to things you would never of thought of before, for example you may be battleing it out for a promotion with a colluege and you do something totally unlike yourself all in the name of competition.

Silly, silly Rachael. See thats the terrible side of competition.

You don't have to be competing with anyone else to be competitive, for example, at home when so bored and on the verge of depression I tend too say see how many stairs i can cover in one stride, me on a Thursday may cover 4 however me on a Friday may cover 5, this in itself is a sort on competition, I'm sure we all do this kind of me then......bit embarrasing....moving swiftly on.

Competetitve people tend to show their competitiveness through every aspect of life, if you are hungry, they wil be more hungry, if your laptop cost £500 theirs cost £800, if you broke your collar bone when you were 7 they broke their whole leg, like all the way off and the doctors had to sew it back on. Oh go on then You Win, your hungry, poor and had to have your leg sewn back on. Congrats.

What Sir Ken Robinson says about creatitvity diminishing as people become more scared of being wrong very much relates to competition:  competitiveness fades as people becmore more scared of losing. 


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